5 Ideas to Point you in the Right Direction

It’s time to be proactive in thinking of ideas of how to best arrange your backyard for this spring and summer.  After searching through HGTV’s Sexy Hot Tubs and Spas (which is the perfect title for Valentine’s Day) there were many interesting ideas that are great for a traditional southwestern look that’s common here in the Albuquerque area.

Deck Hot Tubs

Hot tubs that are incorporated into your backyard deck are not only convenient, they display beautiful scenery while relaxing in your Hot Tub. Our southwestern landscape create the perfect environment to gaze at while revitalizing your total body.

Condo Hot Tubs

Outside investors have been making moves to capitalize on Albuquerque’s condo market by renovating metro area structures which is giving more need to place hot tubs in smaller areas.  Deciding to live in a condo doesn’t bar you from experiencing the luxury of having an after work soak in your personal whirlpool.

Mountain Integrated Hot Tubs

Mountain resorts and ski slopes are major attractions here in New Mexico, so it’s common knowledge that snow aficionados have charming hot tubs tucked away in their Angel Fire and Taos cabin retreats.  Any outdoor enthusiast will enjoy the relaxation of having a spa treatment while listening to nature’s music.

Pool Integrated Hot Tubs

There are many homes throughout Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Los Lunas that have the traditional built-in pool in the backyard.  Integrating a hot tub into the pool foundation are popular ideas that you can incorporate this summer with a variety of different model spas.

Limited Space Hot Tubs

There are some homes in New Mexico with limited backyard space that seem to be fated to dirt and rocks but hot tub manufactures considered these home owners as well.  Browsing the many hot tubs that showrooms like Caldera Spas and Hot Spring Spas have to offer will help you decide on what works best for the space you have.

Come by our location today to explore the assortment of hot tubs, spas and power pools we have at our disposal.