3 Reasons why you’ll want a wood burning stove

Living in the Southwest we are used to great weather. However, we do have the beautiful Sandia Mountains and the air up there gets colder than it does in the valley.  Those who live in the mountain areas understand the extra snow and the longer winter season.  That’s why it’s common to see a wood stove in use when visiting one of your Paul Bunyan lovin’ friends.  A wood burning stove seems like a blast from the past but my environmentally aware friends were quick to inform me that there are legitimate reasons on why they still choose to use wood over gas.

Reason #1 – Self-sufficiency

Wood is your main resource when using your wood burning stove.  Other biodegradable material can be used in the stove as well depending on your preference.  There will never be an outage or interruption due to weather. The new models are so beautifully crafted that you will be redesigning the room to match the stove.

Other heating options like coal, oil or gas are non-renewable and cost is harder to control due to utility company fees and overhead.  Homeowners can better manage their heating utility bill and “Go Green” with sustainable energy use.

Reason #2 – Cost Effective

Wood stoves have beat the test of time with still being relevant after thousands of years of use. A wood burning stove could reduce your heating bill by up to half when energy prices are high.  Using a wood stove can drop your annual bill 10-40% lower than a regular electric or gas furnace cost.  This stove can be considered a future investment with home appraisals being $2000 to $3000 more valued in the sale of a home.  You’re also in luck if you recently purchased a wood stove, federal tax credits are available on purchases done in 2014 and earlier.

Saving money is always a great motivator but the experience of owning a wood burning stove is also a highlight.  Nestling by the stove during the winter season is a great family meeting spot that will add ambiance and comfort to your quality time.  A wood stove is an energy-efficient, money saving way to help control the cost of mandatory life expenses.

Reason #3 – Environmentally the better choice

With all the news about global warming. Taking strides to protect the earth is now a major movement because of concerns regarding global warming.  Going Green is conserving energy by using natural resources that are readily available.  By using a wood-burning stove you will be doing your part in sustaining our ecosystem and protecting our local habitat.  Wood stoves are much more efficient than they were in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s.  Stoves now produce less smoke than previous models and are required to be EPA-certified.

Many wood stove heaters have the capacity to heat an entire house and heating levels can be easily maintained for maximum comfort.  They are modern and require no special skill to operate.  The hardest decision with a purchase would be what model do you like best.

Now that you have discovered the top 3 reasons to buy a wood stove, browse Carefree’s great selection and pick the one that’s best for you.